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The SturdEbuilt FLEXRoom® - Sturdevant Construction is proud to offer to Hampton Roads..... our new proprietary product!

  1. Window Glazing: FREE 3D DESIGN SERVICES. The difference starts with the window glazing. The resilient 10 ml vinyl is optically clear, retains memory from impact and withstands wind gusts up to 65 mph.
  1. Half The Cost: FREE 3D DESIGN SERVICES. The StudEbuilt FLEXRoom® provides twice the versatility at about half the cost of traditionally built sun rooms and florida rooms. The panels even tilt for easy cleaning and can be removed and stored!
  1. Open Ventilation: FREE 3D DESIGN SERVICES. Constructed of durable aluminum framing in a 4 panel configuration, the lightweight windows can be raised or lowered effortlessly to allow for up to 75% open ventilation.
As a popular screen porch conversion, our SturdEbuilt FlexRoom® turns frustrating into functional, and is the latest technology put to use for your comfort. Call today for more details of how we can fully enclose your screen porch or simply add on a brand new SturdEbuilt FlexRoom® ! Now available in Hampton Roads!